Suitable for 1-2 people.Will always contain :	Potatoes 	Onions 	Carrots 	Apples	Oranges	Bananas   Plus a varied selection from the following: * 	Squash	Kale	Green	Beans	Mushrooms	Leeks	Spinach	Cabbage	Courgettes	Broccoli	Cauliflower	Swede	Parsnips	Peas	Broad beans	Sprouts	Chillies	Garlic	Beetroot	Celeriac 	Grapes	Pineapple	Melon	Strawberries	Pears	Cherries	Raspberries	Blueberries	Rhubarb	Lemons	Lime	Easy Peel Oranges	Plums	Grapefruit	Kiwi Fruit *Subject to availability.

Fruit & Veg Small


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